January 26th 2014

The schedule :

December 27th 2013

Aérofly IITOP hall (tested under is available here

November 11th 2013

Registrations are open, with limited slots.

October 27th  2013

Dates move!

To not be in conflict with the German championship, we changed the IITOP dates. It will take place February 21st, 22nd & 23rd 2014.

Registration opening is still fixed to November 11th 20H00 (Paris time).


September 9th  2013

Hello everybody


Finally we decided to launch a fifth IITOP. It will take place from February 21st to 23rd 2014 .

After lot of hesitations, we will organize an ultimate IITOP. Why hesitations in front to the previous editions succes?

For those who don't know how works a contest, most of the budget is done by the sponsorship, we do not have any subsidy from the federations (FFAM, FAI). IITOP is at more than 90% "private".

Things are what they are, it's really difficult to find sponsors for this year. It's why we had a lot of hesitations, IITOP is a BIG budget. We could strongly increase the registration fees, but we will not. It must be reachable to all pilots. We will also not launch a charity call, but if some of you through their companies would like to sponsor the IITOP 2014, feel free to reach us. We believe in, we take the bet, we will advise you.

 Anyway, the registration opening is planned for the November, 11th 2013 at 20H00 (Paris time)

The schedule will be more or less the same than last year, may be some small surprises will be added ...;O)

 So, friends, pilots, spectators, you will all be welcome for this ultimate IITOP!

 Best regards.

Gilles, Loïc & Philippe

The IITOP 2013 teaser is here (HD is available).